Gardening club

It has been great to get gardening club up and running again.  We hope that you have enjoyed seeing some new flowers in the playground, we have been very busy planting them!  We have planted dwarf daffodils, hyacinths and primrose in the planters in the back playground.  These looked lovely when they were first planted but unfortunately some of them have dried up over the holidays.  We think that maybe the pallet planters aren’t deep enough for some flowers to grow in and so we are having a think about what we could plant in them next.  We also planted some daffodils and anemone near to the entrance of the front playground.  Hopefully these will do better!

Today we started work on the planters in the Secret Garden, these need lots of weeding and new compost added in preparation for planting vegetables.  Hopefully we will have our first vegetables planted by the middle of May.