P2 Outdoor learning

Outdoor learning in Primary 2

We thought it would be nice to share some of the outdoor learning that Primary 2 have been doing.  Read the captions on each photo to find out more about what we have been learning!

After hearing the story about the holly tree who helped to shelter the robin, we made our own little robins out of clay and other natural materials, aren’t they great!


We used sticks and leaves to apply our knowledge of halves and quarters.  We also used bottle tops to help us work out halves of numbers under 20.



colour wheels
The children had been learning about primary and secondary colours in class. We used these baskets to find examples of primary and secondary colours in nature and created these fabulous colour wheels!



The children have been learning about living and non living things. They learned the names of 4 different trees in our playground and thought about all the different animals and insects that rely on our trees.
We learned the names of different patterns in nature; spirals, explosion, meander,branching and packing.  We looked for examples of them in our environment, then made our own using different materials.









P2 Bulletin 1 December