Addition Technique

We have been working on adding a lot recently. To teach this we first start off with very visual games and techniques. In the first video you can see that we are using a whiteboard to help us understand what a sum is and help us count one to one. Adding fun things like teddy bears or sweeties helps children engage with their learning. Scaling it up works well too – we use hula hoops that children can throw bean bags in, again making the learning fun and engaging.

The next step is to teach the children how to hold a number in their head and count on. We usually start off by making our two piles of items which we want to add together and then hiding one of the piles which requires children to remember what was there. You can simple hide them from view or it is also fun to have a toy that has eaten them!

Once children have mastered this and understood that the sum is like having two piles of items we then move onto completely mental strategies – holding the bigger number in your head and counting on from there. We practise a routine of putting the biggest number in your head and making the smaller number on your fingers to help count on.

If you have any question regarding how you can help at home please do ask your child’s teacher.

P1 Team