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Trinity News : Jan 2020

Dear Pupils, Parents and Carers

A very belated Happy New Year to you all.  I hope that the Festive season went well and that the start to the new term has been positive for everyone.


Coffee Mornings

We have held two very successful Coffee Mornings and Learning chats, so far, with a great turnout from Melville and Argyll parents and carers.  These events are one of our approaches to sharing pupil progress along with

  • Meet the teacher : Sept
  • Parents’ evenings / afternoons : Oct and March
  • Sharing learning eg Nutty about Numbers parent / carer event
  • Coffee morning and learning chats : Jan
  • Performances : various times
  • Elearning profile (P1) : ongoing
  • Written profile – dialogue with pupil : issued term two and term four
  • Benchmark posters for literacy and numeracy on website
  • Class bulletins / twitter account : ongoing
  • Additional meetings as required

It is hoped that through the various opportunities parents and carers know what their child is learning and the progress they are making.

This year our theme for the coffee mornings is Sustainability and the steps we are taking at Trinity to try to reduce our plastic use.  A reusable cup designed by P7 can be purchased.

Burns day                                                                                                                               

Wed Jan 22nd :  P6 and P7 are invited to a Burns Supper and Ceilidh at 6.30pm.  Parents and carers are very welcome to join us at 7.50pm in the front playground.                                                                                                                                 Fri Jan 24th  : children are encouraged to wear a bit, or a lot, of tartan to school and help us to celebrate Burns Day

Bird Watch                                                                                                                                 

On Monday Jan 27th a group of pupils, supported by Mrs Berry,  will be carrying out a survey in our secret garden as part of the RSPB Big Bird Watch.  As the survey is also taking place over the weekend please do check out the website for further details as to how you may be able to get involved at home.

Health & Wellbeing at TPS                                                                                                

We will be holding a curriculum evening on Health & Wellbeing on Wed 19th February at 6.30pm.  This evening is open to all parents and carers.  It is hoped that it will provide an opportunity to find out about the new resource relating to Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood as well as other aspects of our HWB curriculum.

Composite class survey                                                                                                 

Please do take time to respond to the City of Edinburgh survey regarding the organisation of composite classes (open until Jan 26th).   This survey is being undertaken across all Edinburgh primary schools.


New term reminders 

School uniform

As I have mentioned before, having pride in being a Trinity learner is an important part of our school and it is great to see so many of the children in their school uniforms.  However, we have noticed a slip with this and do ask that all pupils only wear school colours – black, yellow, grey, white and in the case of P7, their purple P7 sweatshirts or House Captain sweatshirts.    The TPSA are currently running the recycled school uniform stall during the Friday coffee mornings.  

Thank you for supporting us with taking pride in being a Trinity Learner.


Parent, carer and staff working together

As I am sure you will appreciate the school and playground are busy places and we aim to ensure that everyone (and everything) is safe.  Please support us with this by noting the following:

  • Children are not supervised in the playground before 8.50am and it is parent / carer responsibility to ensure that their child is safely in school.  This is particularly pertinent for our younger pupils.
  • No child should ever be approached by an adult in the playground.  If you have any concerns regarding another child please come into school to discuss with a member of staff.
  • We are unable to take responsibility for the care of scooters, bikes etc.  If using our bike racks please ensure that items are locked
  • If contacting staff by email please use the following admin email address and avoid emailing direct to staff – thank you.   In line with council policy we will respond to email enquiry within 10 working days.



Jan – June 2020

Please see below for some key dates for your calendar.  As I am sure you will appreciate these may be subject to some change and we will try to ensure that updates are issued regularly.



Thank you for your support

Jacqueline Scott