Learning From Home – Day 3

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Dear Parents and Carers

Day three of learning from home!  I hope that things are going well and that you are managing to find a wee bit of time for yourselves in amongst juggling your own work, supporting your children and other family members, cooking, cleaning, waiting for the internet to sort itself etc etc.  These are certainly unusual times and whilst we adjust to what is the new norm please do not expect too much of yourselves or of your children.  The best way for everyone to get through this is to congratulate ourselves on what we have achieved rather than worrying about what we haven’t.

As I said on Monday there is absolutely no expectation that all of the learning at home tasks are completed.    It can feel overwhelming and this is not a time to feel that you are not supporting your children.  Simply being there for them as much as you can and reassuring them that this is just a wee moment in their lives that they’ll be able to tell their children and grandchildren about is enough.

It’s been great to have acts of kindness shared.  Our online kindness wall will be on the website from tomorrow so do please encourage your children to let me know what they have been doing.

Some of you maybe aware that as of today certain schools have opened to provide childcare for children of key workers.  Whilst Trinity is NOT one of those schools, parents who fall into this category will receive an email / text from the City of Edinburgh to say what school their child has been allocated a place at. It is absolutely essential that parents carefully consider if they meet the criteria as the message clearly stated from government is for children and others to stay at home.  A flowchart showing who is eligible is available on the council website and will be available on our own school website.

Please stay healthy and we will see you soon.

Jacqueline Scott


Trinity Primary School

Newhaven Road

Edinburgh EH6 4QA