Primary 1 – Week 2 Learning from Home (30.3.20)

Please find below the documents needed for week 2 of Learning from Home for Primary 1. We have included a grid of activities for week 2 and please continue to practise the daily activities provided in the jotter and in our previous post. This week we have also uploaded some worksheets that you may choose to complete with your child. These could be printed off or copied into your child’s jotter for them to complete. There are also some suggestions for P.E. activities for you to try at home.

Communication from home

It has been lovely for all of the P1 teachers to receive updates and photos of the Learning from Home so far. We ask that, if possible, every family could share at least a weekly email with their child’s teacher (and more regularly if you wish). This way we can keep in touch, offer advice and also know that our families and children are safe and well during this time. Email addresses for each teacher were shared in a previous post and are also available in your child’s jotter.


  • Please remember to be kind to yourselves during this time. Although we have provided a grid of activities please do not feel any pressure to complete all of these. We would rather that you and your children are happy and do not want to add stress at this already stressful time.
  • Please remember that we operate a play based approach to learning in P1. At school your child may work in a focused, small group with the teacher for a maximum of about 20 minutes at a time. Please allow lots of downtime for your children and be understanding that they may lose focus after a short amount of time.
  • We have seen lots of fabulous sentence writing this week which has been great. Please remember that we do encourage children to ‘have a go’ at writing unfamiliar words using the sounds they can hear, rather than spelling everything out for them. This is a very important part of learning to write and encourages their independence. We would rather that they tried to write words phonetically than having all words spelled correctly. There is a short video on writing a sentence on our YouTube help desk.

Thank you and sending our best wishes to you all,

P1 Team


week 2 learning from home grid

sh and ch worksheet final 

th worksheet final

wh worksheet final

adding doubles

counting – within 30

counting – within 50

PE Homelearning wk 2