Kindness @ TPS – Part 3

Dear Parents and Carers

Please share the following with your children if you get a chance.  The last few days have been particularly busy but I am planning on getting into a better routine for sending emails.

Why Random Acts of Kindness are Important - TeacupsAndTales

Dear Trinity Learners

One week of learning from home completed and it’s now Monday of week two.  I hope that you managed to complete as much as possible last week and still found time to watch TV and relax!  It was a wee bit strange having a weekend in the house but I tried hard to make the most of it.  I was going to decorate my living room but I decided that could wait!   I opted for watching Call the Midwife instead.

Thank you so much to everyone who has sent in messages and photos for our kindness wall and photo collage – now on the website.  Mrs Pattinson has done a fabulous job of putting all this together – thank you.   It is so lovely to see some of you and to hear about how kind you have been.  Makes me feel closer to everyone!  Apologies if you’re not on our wall yet – we’ll be updating at the end of the week so keep sending in your acts of kindness.  Please check with an adult that it is okay for your photo to go on the website.  Next week I thought it would be a good idea to move to another one of our values.  Any suggestions what one we should focus on next?

Some of you have been putting rainbows in your windows which I know people have loved to see.  Remember ‘no matter how rough the storm, there’s a rainbow at the end’.   This week, if you’ve time, how about drawing a sunshine and putting that in your window.

When we’re all back in school you need to remind me to share the photos that lots of the staff put on whatsapp last week.  They were all photos of themselves when they were in school and some of them were very funny!  I think we need to have a competition to see if you can match the staff to their photo.

Good luck with this week’s learning and remember to send me an email.   Adriana in P6 and I are going to start planning for the Trinity party we’ll have when we’re all back together.  If you’ve got any ideas let me know.

Look after each other and be kind.

I do miss you.

Mrs Scott