Primary 2 Parents/Carers: Help with Spelling and Phonics

During these tricky times ‘ Learning from Home’ is becoming part of our daily lives and many of you will be trying to establish routines quite different from before. For Primary 2 parents this is an even harder task as your child is still very reliant on adult support.

Reading and writing is so important at this stage and so I have attached a link to a useful website that your child can watch each day and will help explain phonics in more detail :

Fabulous Frogs Storytime - Read Write Inc Fred Frog, HD Png ...
Fred the Frog

I have also copied a Sound Chart that you can go over with your child each day in order that they keep up their single sounds and double sounds recognition.

Every day – go over this sound chart. MTYT – My Turn Your Turn

Many of you may already listen to ebooks and Audible is offering free subscriptions for the next few months. I highly recommend trying this out! Just go to:

Stories Clipart Listening - Audio Books Kids , Transparent Cartoon ...

In the following weeks try out the website and become familiar with the Sound Chart.

Good Luck

Kirsten Jackson (Support for Learning Teacher)