Mrs. Jackson’s Daily Literacy Challenge (Everyone in P3 Can Have A Go)


  1. Read ‘Horses’ in
Fred the Frog

2. Use ‘Fred Fingers’ to learn these or words. Start with the thumb on your left hand and press down on your fingers sounding out the word as you spell!

3. Answer questions on page 18.

4. Read Speed words on page 19.

Keep going over previous tricky words!

5. Look, Cover, Write and Check these tricky words – get an adult to test you.

6. Writing Challenge: Create a poster/factfile about horses.

Cartoon Horse Running | ... horses. If you are a horse lover, then ...

There is lots of information in this book about horses but you may know loads more ‘stuff’ about them already.

What do they need to live?

What are horses used for?

Are there different types of horses?

And drawings please… ‘I Can Draw A Horse’