Primary 5’s Daily Literacy Challenge (Everyone In P5 Can have a go!)

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Hi Primary 5, I posted this task this morning but have discovered that you can only see the book on an app for a tablet not on the EPIC website. Sorry about this – if you can complete it then great but if not after Easter holidays I will select books that you can read from both. Happy Days!!!

Mrs. Jackson’s Daily Primary 5 Literacy Challenge

Hi Primary 5, how’s the home schooling going? Can’t believe that it’s been almost 2 weeks. I thought that I’d give you some time to get used to your teacher tasks before I interfered!

I am just giving you notice that I will be posting a daily task on the Trinity Primary Website for you to have a go at.

Each day I will suggest a book from Epic to read or listen to; give you some spellings to learn and set a quick writing challenge.

How does that sound?

If you have time today please begin tomorrow’s task and get in touch with me:

  1. Go into Epic and find ‘Town Is by the Sea’ by Joanne Schwartz.
  1. Read this story (I love the illustrations).
  • Can you create a silly story with some of these ou/ow words? Underline the ou/ow.
  • The boy in this story tells us about his day as the son of a miner. Life is so different for all of us at the moment- tell me about your day – do you have a routine; when do you do your school work; how are you keeping fit; how much TV and screen are you allowed?

Email your finished work to: