Primary 3 Day 4- Mrs. Jackson’s Challenge!

Hi Primary 3, I am really enjoying getting emails from you showing me your learning – it really cheers me up!

Today’s Task

Use ‘Fred Fingers’ to learn these air words.

‘That’s not fair!’

Check that you can read these tricky words and have a go at spelling them.

BUBBLE WRITING TASK- Write your spelling words out in bubble writing, then colour the words in.


Writing Challenge

I love the idea (well not really because I’m scared of heights!) of floating away in a hot air balloon to a different place especially at the moment.

Where would go?

Here is a story start to help you out –

It happened in a flash, I stepped into the basket and all of a sudden I felt that I was floating in the air…

It would be fabulous to receive stories today or tomorrow at:


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