Easter News – 7th April

Lambing photos copy

Hello Trinity

I hope you’re all managing to enjoy the weather either on your daily exercise or in your garden.  It is a bit of a strange school holiday but having already received emails and photos showing creativity I can see that many of you are certainly keeping busy.  Please do keep sending  them in to Jacqueline.scott@trinity-pri.edin.sch.uk.

As is always the case with our fabulous school community and the values we all hold, I have already collected over 30 Easter eggs from the shelter at the front of the school.  Thank you for being so kind.  This evening I cycled down and enjoyed passing (at a safe distance)  a few Trinity families out on their bikes, in their gardens or at their windows.  Seeing familiar faces is definitely a great way of getting through this time as it is a reminder that everyone is still out there and that we will all be back together again soon.

One of our teachers Ms Sharp, has been busy helping her parents on their farm with lambing.  A great reminder it is Spring and that life goes on as normal – certainly for sheep!  Have a look at the photos on the website.   (Ms Sharp has to take the photos when the shepherd isn’t looking or he calls her a ‘stupit lassie!’).   Our chickens are also doing well and being looked after by Ms Espie.

I know that the news on March 24th that we were going into lockdown was unfamiliar territory for us all and came with it a feeling of apprehension and worry.  However two weeks in and the sense of community and kindness that has evolved makes apprehension and worry diminish.  Rainbows and sunshines in windows keep reminding us that there is light at the end of the tunnel.   Don’t worry about the next few weeks, just take each day as it comes.  We will get through this.

Keep safe everyone,

Jacqueline Scott

P.S. Thought I would share an Easter joke:

Why was the Easter Bunny upset?



He was having a bad hare day!      

(If lockdown continues for a while this might be pertinent for a lot of us!)