Primary 4 – Mrs. Jackson’s Literacy Challenge

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Hi Primary 4, I hope you had a great Easter holiday. Are you ready for the term ahead? I will be posting a daily literacy challenge for you to complete. I am really looking forward to catching up with you all.

Reading Challenge

Read Write Inc. Phonics: Non-fiction Set 6 (Blue): Be safe on your ...

Go to: and login.

Read ‘On your bike’. Remember to ‘Fred Talk’ the green words and speed read the red words.

‘Fred Talk‘ the i – e words below and go to ‘Mr. Thorne Does Phonics’


Spelling Challenge

Go to the link below and select the first 6 – 8 common words to learn. Can you make a wordsearch with these common words hidden in it? Do you know these words already? If you do, select others to learn.

Writing Challenge

I would love an electric bike that would help me cycle up hills and speed me home when it’s raining!

The Electric-Bike Conundrum | The New Yorker

I would like you to design your own bike and take it on an adventure…

  • What special powers would your bike have?
  • Where would you go?
  • What adventures would happen on the way?
  • How would your story finish?
  • Draw a picture to help with ideas and remember to create characters and describe the setting!

Have fun with this today and send me the finished result to my email: