First Week Back

Some of you may not remember me, but i&back!

Dear Parents and Carers

Apologies for the lack of communication this week.  I have been heavily involved with the coordinating of our hub for the children of keyworkers.  Trying to negotiate with 20 different schools, manage social distancing for 5 year olds and ensure there are appropriate resources for all ages is not without its challenges.  However, things are falling into place and I am hopeful I will now be able to put all my focus on our own school.

I hope that the first week back to learning from home has gone well.  I have no doubt that it has possibly not been without its challenges for yourselves.  We are certainly all learning to be as flexible as we can be, to take small steps and to be grateful for the successes we may have, however small they maybe.   The sun shining is definitely a bonus.

I am really grateful to our Parent Council for setting up a remote PC meeting next week.  Please do send any questions you may have to the parent council email address with the hope that I can answer at least some.  Whilst absolute decisions have still to be made, staff have started to discuss transition for our pupils, how classes will be organised, how we will report to parents, how we can ensure all children are receiving learning from home etc. Please be assured that our main priority continues to be the wellbeing and progress of our school community.  This week we have already made contact with several families and individual pupils to check in with them and this will continue over the days to come.

Perseverance is our main focus for the next couple of weeks and together we have to keep adhering to government guidance and not give up on it.  We can do this!

Please do keep in touch and I apologise if I have still to reply to an email you have sent.  I will have read it, just not replied! We are trying hard to keep our website up to date so do please check it out regularly – news tab, class tab, nurture tab etc.    I know there is an issue with parents receiving alerts for all website posts and we are trying to see if we can resolve this.  Bear with us!

Thank you again for all the support you are giving your children at this moment.  You are doing an incredible job being not just a parent but their teacher, friend, Brownie leader, coach, after school club leader and so the list goes on.  Hold onto the fact that your children will be fine. They will look back on this as ‘that time we all had to stay inside for ages and I made cakes or I got to wear my jammies all day’.  Children never fail to amaze us as to how resilient they are.

Keep safe and we will see you soon

Jacqueline Scott