P3 – Funny Friday and Wow Work

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The P3 teachers have had some great laughs this week with the jokes you’ve sent in. Please keep sending these in to your class teachers, we’ll choose some new jokes for next week’s Funny Friday! Here are a few of our favourites this week:

Who is a penguin’s favourite relative? Aunt Artica!” – Sofia A P3M

Why is 6 afraid of 7? because 7 ate 9!” – Luca P3M

What is a frog’s favourite drink? Croak a cola!” – Aitana P3G

What do you call 50 penguins in the North Pole? Really lost because they live in the South Pole!” – Kirsty P3G

What do you call a sad strawberry? A blueberry!” – Anna P3J

If your joke appears on Funny Friday, your teacher will be awarding you with a house penny!

WOW Wall

This week our focus was on exciting verbs. We saw so many brilliant verbs this week in your cinquain poems, so well done to you all! We will giving a house penny to everyone who’s work appears on the WOW Wall.


Giullia is on the Wow work wall because she has used very interesting verbs to describe a fairy in her poem. The best verb is ‘twinkling’. Well done Giullia! 
Sophie P is on the Wow work wall because she has used very interesting verbs to describe a panda in her poem. The best verb is ‘lazing around’. Excellent work Sophie!


Jocelyn’s work is on the WOW Wall for her interesting verbs about a slater. Well done Jocelyn!
Jamie wrote a fantastic poem about his dad this week. “Cycling, running, smiling” are some brilliant verbs. Great work Jamie!


Ross’s brilliant verbs were “munching, crunching, running.” When I read it, it made me picture a scary tarantula snacking on a cricket! Well done Ross.
Rafael’s verbs perfectly described how a sloth would lazily move along a branch. My favourite is “clinging”. Well done Raf!