P4 Monday 27th April

Good Morning P4 and welcome to another week of learning at home! We hope you had a good weekend 🙂 Here is the learning for this week. Reminder – we do not expect every learner to complete every task. We are trying to give you choice in your learning and are loving the range of activities and experiences you are all doing at the moment.

Weekly Tasks

Weekly Task 27.04

Mental Maths

Daily Mental Maths 27.04

Numeracy – Division

Here are some videos to help with division:


MILD – Division Questions

Hot – Division Questions

Spicy – Division Questions

EXTRA SPICY – Division with remainders


Profile of Greek Character


WALT spell words ending in -tion

VCOP – Punctuation Focus

Exclamation marks



Login to Education City and complete Paws for Effect, which you will find in the Punctuation folder in Classwork.

Health and Wellbeing

Create your own fitness or dance routine.

Success Criteria:

  • Plan and write down a workout.
  • Your routine must have 10 exercises/moves in it.
  • You choose the work and rest times (e.g. 30 seconds workout, 30 seconds break, repeat or 40 seconds workout, 20 seconds break, repeat!)
  • The workout needs to be a total of 20 minutes long.

Film yourself doing it and please send it to your teacher!

Topic – A Peek at the Greeks

Create you own comic strip for a Greek myth. This Powerpoint has everything you need to know!

A Peek at the Greeks – Create Comic

Music & Technology – WALT construct a 3D model of a temple

Think about what materials you could use e.g. recycled materials (cereal boxes, tissue boxes, egg boxes, toilet paper tubes), lego (cuboid columns will work if you don’t have the cylinder pieces), minecraft, k’nex, wooden blocks etc…
Make sure you have at least 4 columns, a roof and a door.
Send any photos to Miss Chalmers on gillian.chalmers@trinity-pri.edin.sch.uk.


Draw / paint a Greek character or object. Below is a list of video links to inspire you!

Greek – How to Draw

Reading Task

Word Finder – As you are reading, note down any interesting / unfamiliar words. Use dictionary.com to look up any new words.