P1 – Learning From Home Week 5 (5th May – 7th May)

P1 – Learning from Home week 5 (Tuesday 5th May – Thursday 7th May)

Monday 4th May is an INSET day. Staff will be working but will not be available on email to families. If you send an email between Friday 1st May and Monday 4th May, we aim to respond to you by 3pm on Tuesday 5th May. Please remember staff are available to you 9am-3pm every school day. ‘School’ is closed for staff and pupils on Friday 8th May for the VE Day holiday.

Please find below all the details you will need for learning from home this week. Please remember to get in touch with your child’s teacher at least once a week to share what they have been learning. Also, if you have any questions or problems please just send us an email.

Week 5 Learning Grid

Week 5 Learning from Home grid

Please find the week 5 learning grid attached. It would be great if you could work through as many of these activities as possible. Some of the boxes on the grid (coloured red) link to an attachment below. Please feel free to either print these and stick into the jotter or to copy the work onto a piece of paper or jotter.

WOW work

This week we will be focussing on money for our WOW work. We will be choosing work from the coin pictures that you are making as part of the weekly grid activities. At the end of the week each teacher will choose an excellent piece of work from their class and this will be uploaded to the website next Monday.

YouTube Helpdesk

This week we have uploaded a couple of videos onto the P1 Helpdesk on YouTube. These videos will help with some of the learning in the weekly grid. Please visit the helpdesk here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFH9ZikSY0MXd3PiTBd8ppQ

oo’ Sound Activities

Here are a selection of activities to help your child to explore the ‘oo’ sound. You can choose to complete 1 activity or all of them. You may wish to copy out your own flashcards instead of printing all of the pages.

‘oo’ sound – colouring sheet

‘oo’ sound – cut and stick words

‘oo’ sound – powerpoint

‘oo’ sound – read, write and draw

‘oo’ sound – roll and read activity

Maths and Numeracy

Please remember to keep practising the daily activities listed in the Learning from Home jotter, as well as trying activities from the SEAL grids (in your child’s Homelearning jotter and provided on website from Week 4 Learning from Home).

The attachment below links to learning from the weekly grid. You may wish to look back to the activities from last week for some challenge and to consolidate the learning.

The expectation for P1 is to be able to work out money totals by counting 1 pence coins. However, if your child is confident with this, they could work out amounts within £1 using a range of coins.

Coin counting – Ice Cream

Topic – Inside Out  

This week we are continuing to focus on Health and Wellbeing and will be exploring emotions through our ‘Inside Out’ topic. This is linked to the new Health and Wellbeing resource for Scotland and more information can be found here https://rshp.scot/early-level/ or in the attachments from Week 4 Learning from Home.

Learning Intentions

  • Children have an understanding of their feelings/emotions.
  • Children understand the concept of trust and consider who they trust.
  • Children know that if they are sad or upset they can talk to an adult they trust.

Success Criteria

  • I know that I have a right to be cared for in certain ways and why this is important.
  • I am beginning to understand that my body and mind both need to be looked after.
  • I know who can help me and keep me safe and who I can talk to if I am worried.
  • I am learning how to communicate effectively.

Below are some links to help you with the tasks this week.

‘Things to look forward to’ jar

Emotions photo pack

Inside Out – Songs and Stories

Mood monsters

P1 Team