P3 Wow Wall and Funny Friday

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Why are adults always complaining? Because they’re groan-ups!” – Ross P3M

What did the dog say to the house? Roof!” – Brae P3G

Would February March? No, but April May!” – Anna P3J

Knock knock. Who’s there? Hike. Hike who? I didn’t know you liked Japanese poetry!” – Teddy P3G

Well done to everyone who submitted a joke for Funny Friday, and thank you for making us laugh! Remember to submit more jokes in next week and yours could appear here. Good job Ross, Brae, Anna and Teddy. A house penny to each of you!

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This week, our WOW Wall was focusing on neat presentation and layout. Examples of this include: taking your time with your handwriting; using finger spaces; using a ruler to draw lines; staying on the line; colouring in neatly.


Andrew is on the Wow Work wall this week because he has presented his writing very neatly. He has used a ruler to underline his title and split the page for his pros and cons. His handwriting is also very clear and neatly written. Well done Andrew!
Isabella is on the Wow Work wall this week because her handwriting is very neat, her letters are all the same size and are on the line. She also has split up her writing into 3 paragraphs to make it easier to read. Great work Isabella!


Osian is on the WOW Wall for a huge improvement in presentation and his writing being super neat, very well done! I’m proud of you.
Logan for his beautifully neat and careful drawing of Freddy the Fox. I know he spent a lot of time and effort into getting it just right! Really well done, I’m proud of you.


Fin is on the WOW Wall because he has taken care with his handwriting and has used bullet points to separate his points. He has also used a ruler to split the pros and cons, and has colour coded these in his conclusion. Great job Fin!
Santi’s free writing is on the WOW Wall because I have seen a huge improvement in his handwriting and remembering to use finger spaces. He has also given his work a title. Very well done Santi!