P3 Maths – Measuring Capacity

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This week we are learning about measurement and capacity. Watch this week’s YouTube video on measuring capacity. In this video we learn:

  1. The units of measuring capacity are millilitres (ml) and litres(l) and 1000ml=1l.
  2. How to measure liquid in a measuring jug/cylinder.
  3. Most measuring jugs use skip counting and sometimes we have to work out what the missing numbers are. (ie. going up by 20ml each time.)

This video is a little bit longer than usual so you may want to pause it halfway through and try learning tasks 1 and 2, then return to the video.

Learning Tasks

  1. Have a look around your kitchen, can you find containers with ml or l on them? Which ones hold the most liquid? The least?
  2. Find different containers around your house. Which one do you think will hold the least water? The most water? Test your theory!
  3. If you have a measuring jug, see if you can work out what it is jumping by each time. (Skip counting.) Can you measure: 100ml, 300ml, 50ml, 1/2 litre?
  4. Can you read these measuring jugs and write down the amount of water in each one? (The stars at the bottom of the sheet indicate the difficulty. * mild. **hot. ***spicy. The answers are on the last page, self-mark your work and see how many you got correct!

5. Can you draw what each amount of liquid would look like? (Again, stars indicate difficulty.) You could print the sheet and draw on it or draw the measuring jug for each question in your jotter.

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You may also want to check out these videos to help recap skip counting: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_ym6QHjS1sw5Oq_JV_9aqldJqA4Pn1yK

This playlist has videos up to skip counting by 20s and 100s! Great for reading measuring jugs!