P4 Tuesday 5th May

Welcome back to another (short) week of learning, P4!

This week, we will be posting all of the work both on here and on our Showbie pages. If you choose to look at it through Showbie, you do not need to upload it through the app yet. Miss Chalmers will help you with that soon.

Here is the weekly plan, with all of our learning for the week:

Weekly Tasks 05.05.20


Place Value


HOT Place Value

SPICY Place Value

EXTRA SPICY Coded hundred square

The hundred square has been created using a code. Can you build it up? Think carefully about what the first line will look like. You can either print the above document, or play using this website:


Clues for the Extra Spicy:

In the top line, each box will only contain one symbol (as these are all one digit numbers).

Think about all the numbers in a 100 square that are directly beneath one (1, 11, 21, 31, 41 etc). What digit do they all have? Will that symbol be the first or second symbol?

A 100 square only contains one 3 digit number, and there is only one box with three symbols in it.




Literacy – write an email to your teacher

This can come from your parents email address and does not need to be from your own email account. Remember its always a good idea to ask permission and have a parent or carer present to check before sending.

Writing an email

t2-i-156-send-an-email-activity_ver_1 (1)

Reading Task – Question Master

Question master make say write do (1)

A Peek at the Greeks


Here is the Youtube clip that you should watch half way through the video:


A French song about masculine and feminine body parts -https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/class-clips-video/french-ks2-masculine-and-feminine-body-parts/zn84d6f

Parts of the body (Face)

Choose one of this worksheets and label/cut and stick the parts of the head.