P3 WOw Wall & Funny Thursday

What does a chess player and a dancer have in common? They both have great moves! – Anna P3J

Time flies by like an arrow but fruit flies like bananas!- Daniel P3J

Well done to everyone who sent us a joke for Funny Thursday, thank you for making us laugh!

This week’s Wow Work focus was creativity, we had so many different creative ways of learning to choose from. Well done to everyone for keeping up this school value.


Aitana is on the Wow Work wall for her creativity in choosing words to describe her feelings. Well done Aitana!
Alex is on the Wow Work wall for his creative story about his dog Blondie. He has used lots of interesting adjectives in his story. Great work Alex!


Eugene’s cairns are on the Wow Work Wall for his creativity balancing different items on top of each other. Excellent effort! 
Daniel is on the Wow Work Wall for his effort learning about frogs and then creating this fabulous worksheet!


Meg is on the WOW Wall this week for being super creative by putting together a puppet show about our learning theme this week: Under the sea! Fantastic production, Meg!
Emmy is on the WOW Wall for thinking of creative ways to practise measurement. Well done Emmy, I’m so proud of how hard you have been working!