P3 – HWB – I Am Unique

Proud To Be Me Clipart

This week we are focusing on what makes us all different/unique and looking at self portraits.

Slides / Discussion

Look through the famous self portraits in these slides and discuss: “What do you think about the person represented? What does the portrait say about the person? Why do you think the artist has…?”

Then look at the selfies on the slides and discuss: “Who do you know that takes selfies? Do you take selfies? What makes a good selfie?” This may then lead into aspects such as filters or photoshop and why they are used.


Children can then draw their own self-portrait / selfie. This can be a head/shoulders picture, or full body. They should to draw/represent things about them.

This could include:

  • A pet
  • Something to represent things they like to do (like a football or iPad)
  • Their favourite foods.
  • They can think about this challenge also: How could their portrait reflect their personality?

You can use the frame given, or draw your own frame for your self-portrait to fit inside. Remember: All of our self-portraits will be different because we are unique and special.