P2 Viking Quiz

Can you tell fact from fiction? Have a go at this quiz and see what you REALLY know about Vikings! Answers will be posted tomorrow.

Viking Quiz: True or False

1. All Vikings had to find a dragon before joining a tribe. True/False

2.   Vikings came from Scandinavia. True/False

3.   Vikings were dirty, scruffy people. True/False

4.  Viking longboats could sail in both the sea and shallow rivers. True/False

5.  Vikings spoke Dragonese. True/False

6.  Vikings lived in long houses with their animals. True/False

7.  Vikings dried and hung up fish in summer to eat in winter. True/False

8.  Vikings used vegetables to dye their clothes different colours. True/False

9.  All Vikings lived on the Isle of Berk. True/False

10. Vikings did not have horns on their helmets. True/False

11. A Viking’s favourite sport was bashyball. True/False

12. Vikings believed in gods called Thor, Odin and Loki. True/False