P5 Morning Message – Thursday 14th May


Good morning everyone!

The week is almost over so make sure you check back on your weekly grid for any work you might have forgot.

P5 Weekly Learning Grid Monday 11th – Friday 15th May

cd5d2487-51f3-454c-8d9c-59cd541675c5(1)Tomorrow is ‘Uniform Day’! We are raising money for Steps to Hope a local Edinburgh Charity. If you would like to donate you can click on the link below.



Superstars and the winning house will be announced tomorrow so today is a new day to earn some house pennies and impress your teachers! We look forward to receiving more of your work. I have a feeling choosing superstars is going to be very difficult this week.

Just a reminder that anyone who attends Mrs Jackson’s class in school is encouraged to complete Mrs Jackson’s tasks on the website. There is no expectation that these children should do both her task and the tasks set in Literacy by the P5 team. Likewise any children who do not usually attend Mrs Jackson are encouraged to focus on the Literacy work set by the P5 team and are not expected to complete Mrs Jackson’s task as well. However, if you feel that both tasks are manageable and you want to do them all, then by all means do. What’s most important is that the children are doing a piece of writing in the week which is being assessed by either ourselves or Mrs Jackson.

Have a great day!