P1 – Learning from Home week 7 (Tuesday 19th May – Friday 22nd May)

We hope you all enjoy the long weekend. ‘School’ is closed for staff and pupils on Monday 18th May.  If you send an email between Friday 15th May and Monday 18th May, we aim to respond to you by 3pm on Tuesday 19th May. Please remember staff are available to you 9am-3pm every school day.

Please find below all the details you will need for learning from home this week. Please remember to get in touch with your child’s teacher at least once a week to share what they have been learning. Also, if you have any questions or problems please just send us an email.

Week 7 Learning Grid

Please find the week 7 learning grid attached. It would be great if you could work through as many of these activities as possible. Some of the boxes on the grid (coloured red) link to an attachment below. Please feel free to either print these and stick into the jotter or to copy the work onto a piece of paper or jotter.

WOW work

This week we will be focussing on data handling for our WOW work. We will be choosing work from the pictographs that you record your results on. This is one of the activities on the weekly grid. At the end of the week each teacher will choose an excellent piece of work from their class and this will be uploaded to the website next Monday.

YouTube Helpdesk

This week we have uploaded a video onto the P1 Helpdesk on YouTube. This video will help with some of the learning in the weekly grid. Please visit the helpdesk here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFH9ZikSY0MXd3PiTBd8ppQ

Revision of ‘oo’ and ‘ee’ sound activities

Here are a selection of activities to help your child revise the ‘oo’ and ‘ee’ sounds and words. You can choose to complete 1 activity or all of them.

Maths and Numeracy

Please remember to keep practising the daily activities listed in the Learning from Home jotter, as well as trying activities from the SEAL grids (in your child’s Homelearning jotter and provided on website last week).

The attachments below link to learning from the weekly grid. There is no expectation to complete all of the activities, they are there to provide some challenge and consolidation of the activities.

We will begin to focus on subtraction in the coming weeks. The following activities will allow the children to practise counting backwards.

Topic- Jurassic Playpark

This week we are continuing to focus on our dinosaur topic. The activities in the grid will allow you to add pages to your dinosaur fact book. There is a PowerPoint below that will help you complete these tasks. You may also wish to play the ‘Who am I’ dinosaur game that is included below.

Personal Learning Profiles

You will see in the weekly grid there is a task for the children’s personal learning profiles. We would be extremely grateful if you could answer the questions and email your home teachers with the responses.


We hope you all enjoy taking part in the Trinity Sports Day activities. Please make sure you send photos to your teacher to earn lots of house pennies!

Thanks again for all the hard work and effort with your learning from home. You are all doing a great job and we love hearing and seeing all the wonderful learning that you are doing.


P1 Team