WOW Wall & Wow Words & Funny friday

This week’s Wow Work focus was great effort! Remember Monday 18th of May is a holiday, we look forward to hearing from you all on Tuesday.


Ekjot is on the WOW wall this week for her great effort when learning to subtract using a number line. She found some of them tricky but she worked really hard to answer the questions. Super work Ekjot!
Elio is on the WOW wall for his fantastic effort when writing his keyworker thank you letter. Elio took his time to set out the letter correctly, he included a lovely message to the staff in the hospital, and he added some cool typography at the bottom. Well done!


Miriam has definitely put in an extra effort with her fabulous work finding out about her Great Grandma when she was evacuated from Italy during the war. 
Thomas has been finding out about his Uncle Luigi who fought in the war in Italy. Thomas made props and did some drama based around it. Brilliant effort!


Winnie is on the Wow Work Wall for her extra effort with learning how to find a missing number in maths. She created a series of videos to show her talent as a magician finding the missing numbers. Excellent effort Winnie!
Heather is on the Wow Work wall for her extra effort in maths, she created her own maths word problems and designed a worksheet. Great effort Heather!

Wednesday’s Wow Word Winners

The letter for this week was T, here are all the most interesting words for each catagory.

Name- Teddy (Charlie F & James B)  Tochukwu (Daniel)

Animal- Two- toed sloth (Dillon) Toucan (Lois)

Sport- Table Tennis (Kirsty & Katie) Tightrope walking (Mitchell)

Country- Turkey (Sophie P) Tunisia (Luca)

Book/ movie character- Tiddler (Andrew) Tarzan (Natan) Tiana (Katie)

Landmark- Tower Bridge (Holly & Ross) Taj Mahal (Finn)

Colour- Turquoise (Felix & Lois) Teal (Miriam)

Book- Treasure Island (Jamie)

City- Teresopolis- A city in Brazil (Giullia) Trujillo- A city in Peru (Emmy) Tallinn- A city in Estonia (Anna)

Funny Friday

“How do you know the ocean is friendly? It waves!” -Luca

“I’ve got a joke, I’ve written it down on paper.”
“Really, what is it?”
“Never mind, it’s tear-able…” – James B

“What do you call a dog in the sun? A hot-dog.”- Sophie P

“What do you call an ant serving food?A serv-ant.”- Sophie P