P3 – Aztec Children

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Good morning Primary 3! This week, we will be finding out about what it was like growing up as an Aztec. We will be looking particularly at what school would be like for Aztec children, and what some of the punishments were that Aztec children would face. To start off, watch these 2 videos and start to think about: 1. How different is school now compared to school then. 2. How do you think you would feel if you had grown up as an Aztec?

Here is a great video going through what it would be like growing up as an Aztec child, from birth rituals up to leaving school:

This video is all about some of the punishments you might have faced as an Aztec child, yikes!

Complete Mrs Johnstone’s drama activity to learn more about what it must have been like growing up in Aztec schooling. Come back tomorrow to find out even more!