P3 Reading – Conjunctions

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Conjunctions are words that join 2 clauses together to form one sentence. These include: and, but, or, so. We can use these words to join 2 short sentences together to make one longer sentence. E.g. ‘I went swimming. I learned to butterfly crawl.’ – I went swimming and learned to butterfly crawl. Watch this video to learn more about the purpose of each of these 4 conjunctions:

Before using a conjunction, we need to think about which one is most appropriate for the sentence. Complete the following task by choosing the conjunction that fits best in each sentence. (Stars indicate difficulty level.)

If you want to, you can also try a similar activity with the conjunctions ‘before’ and ‘because.’

Here’s an online game you can play to test your understanding of conjunctions:


Next time you do some free writing, see if you can underline/highlight any conjunctions you have used!