p3 Aztec pattern art

The Aztecs are famous for their artwork. It is usually made up of colourful, bright patterns. The patterns are often made using triangles, zig zags, pyramids, diamonds and straight lines. We would like you to create your own pattern based on an Aztec design. You could use pencils, pens, paint, anything you find outside, pasta, string, you could even scratch a pattern into salt dough… use your imagination and creativity.

Here are some Aztec pattern examples.

You might want to watch this video to help you if you are drawing. You could practise using a ruler to draw your straight lines. If you don’t have a ruler you could use anything with a straight edge such as a cardboard box, book or tupperware box.

Here is a simple salt dough recipe if you want to carve your pattern into salt dough. You could use a blunt knife, a pen or pencil, a penny or anything with a flat edge to carve your design.