P3 – WOW Wall and Funny Friday

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This week’s WOW wall focus was all about going above and beyond – doing that little bit extra than what was asked. This was such a tricky week so some classes have had to pick more than 2 pieces of work! We think all of Primary 3 have been going above and beyond with their work, you’ve shown so much creativity (especially with your sports day photos, they look fab!) Have a lovely weekend everyone, we will speak to you again on Monday!


Bruce is on the Wow wall for going above and beyond with his Berwick Ramparts project. He did all the research on an interesting topic and then wrote up a report of his learning. Excellent work, Bruce!
Charlie F is on the Wow wall for his fantastic drawing of an Aztec lizard. He has gone above and beyond as he has used some Aztec language as well as working extra hard to learn how to do joined up writing. Fantastic work, Charlie!
Kirsty is on the Wow wall for going above and beyond with her number patterns. She has created patterns with complicated rules, including multiplication. Well done, Kirsty!


Lotta is on the WOW wall this week for going above and beyond in her video for her personal project on The Battle of Hastings, brilliant job, Lotta!
Fin is on the WOW wall forgoing above and beyond by researching Nicholas Winton because it would have been his 111th birthday this week. Fin made this fab poster, explaining that Winton showed the 4 Trinity values. Fantastic job, Fin!
Megan is on the WOW wall for going above and beyond by finding out a bit about our new topic: The Aztecs. Great work, Megan! I love the pictures that go with it.


Mitchell went above and beyond when he wrote a poem about a hornet, but after some research, he discovered it was actually a hover fly and then he wrote this really lovely poem about the hover fly. He clearly really thought hard about what words he could use to really describe it! Most impressive writing 2 poems.
Anna has worked hard on her number patterns this week. Well done Anna!

Funny Friday:

Both of our Funny Friday jokes come from Kirsty in P3G this week:

Why are the NHS so good at piano? Because they have lots of keyworkers!”

What do you call a droid that takes you the wrong way? R2 Detour!

Well done Kirsty, these jokes made us laugh a lot! Remember to send your jokes to your teachers throughout the week to be included in Funny Friday!

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