P4 Work of the Week & Superstars!

P4K – Marta
Marta you are my work of the week and Trinity Superstar for your literacy work this week. You wrote clear full sentences and used connectives in each one. Your reasons were well thought out and explained. Well done!
P.S I’m not going to share them as they are for your profile 😄
From Miss Kidd
P4M – Charlie
Charlie you are my Superstar this week because of the amount of excellent pieces of work that you are sending in.  I am blown away with how well you are doing!  I’ve posted just one example of many from the last few weeks!  You are a star!
P4S – Orla
Orla, I love your use of adverbs in these sentences! There is a great sense of fun in your writing, too. Happily, I am awarding you our Superstar for this week!