Trinity News: 22nd May


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Dear Parents and Carers

Apologies for the length of this email.  You might want to get a cup of tea or coffee before you begin.

Friday again!  Whilst I am so looking forward to lockdown coming to an end, I equally cannot believe how quickly the time passes.  I definitely still have things on a list that I was going to achieve but still haven’t tackled.  It’s looking more and more likely that the windows will still need washed, the attic will remain cluttered and I will not be speaking fluent French!   As for all of us, I will however remind myself of what I have achieved and feel proud of that.

On that note what an amazing achievement our Sports ‘Day’ was.   The photos that have been sent in are fabulous and will be displayed on the school website from Monday.  I hope that you have had a look at our Sports Day relay videos – look under the news tab on the website.   Huge thanks to everyone across this week who has taken part.

You will be aware from the news yesterday that we can now start planning for a return to school. Whilst this will come with some challenges, the overall feeling is one of excitement along with a determination to get this right for everyone.    At the moment there are more questions than answers to what school will look like in August but I am sure that over the next few days further guidance will be forthcoming.  I am reluctant to share too much information at this stage as nothing has yet been agreed.  However, I thought the following points might be a start :

Will my child be able to have the same teacher next session?

The simple answer to this is no.  Whilst this may seem very blunt I am sure you will appreciate that we have several temporary staff who may not be with us next year, we are expecting two newly qualified teachers to join us and if we were simply to move everyone on with their current teacher it would mean this years P7 team would find themselves at P1!   However, staff are already planning for transition and as and when children return to school they will have a chance to catch up with their teacher from this year, if it is possible to do so.  We are in the lucky position in Trinity that many of our children actually know a lot of different teachers through house events, star time etc and this is always a help.


Will the classes be rearranged and, if they are, then how will this be managed?

As happens each year, P1 pupils are currently within four named groups.  Moving to P2 will require the children to move into three groups.  This is because of class size being a maximum of 25 at P1, 30 at P2 and P3 and 33 from P4 – P7.

It is unlikely that changes will be made to the classes currently at P2, P3 and P4

Pupils in P5 will move to a year group teaching situation with children allocated a named person.  We have been working on this approach for the last couple of years to develop independence and provide focussed teaching.

Pupils in P6 will continue to work as a year group with an allocated named person.  Our aim is to further develop independent learning and focussed teaching.

However, as we do not yet know how many children will be in school at any one time, all of this will need to be flexible and responsive to guidance provided. We may find we move to a group situation across each year group.

The reforming of any class groups is always undertaken with a lot of consideration and using a range of criteria in line with guidance from City of Edinburgh.  This criteria may include friendships, age, teacher knowledge, gender balance, learning styles etc.   Please be assured that our aim is to get it right for all the children.


When will my child know who their teacher / named person will be?

We are still awaiting confirmation of what staff we will have at Trinity.  Once we are more sure of this names will be shared.  Whilst we will be unable to have our usual ‘Meet the Teacher’ I am confident that video skills will be put to good use by staff so that they can introduce themselves!

Supporting our community

The sense of community that continues to prevail is fabulous.  Scotmid on both Ferry Road and Lindsay Road as well as Sainsburys Local on Craighall Road now have boxes containing stationery items that Trinity and Victoria Primary school children can collect from if they are needing something.  Donations are also welcome.  We have a stationery donations box at Leith Theatre that is already full.  Food parcels and hot meals were delivered this week along with paper learning packs and electronic devices.  Art packs have been made up and will be making their way to some children over the next few days.  Staff supported in our hub school this week and we have been able to offer outdoor time in the secret garden for some of our pupils.  The sense of all being in this together continues, along with the sense that together we will get through it and come out stronger.  Please do get in touch either through email to or on the school mobile number 07907 344059, if school can help in any way.   I can only say a huge thank you to everyone.

As we move into the final weeks of term our last value to focus on is RESPECT.   Please take a moment to share the email below with your child and encourage them to work towards building up the word with the different activities.

I hope that you are all well and that you are continuing to be kind to yourselves.  Sometimes as we begin to come out of something it can be even harder to keep going but that light at the end of the tunnel is now shining even brighter.

Keep safe and we will see you soon

Jacqueline Scott

Dear Trinity Learners

What an amazing Sports ‘Day’ we have had.  From the age of the dinosaurs up to World War 2 I was so impressed with what you achieved.    Who do you think the winning house will be? (Royston, I think I heard everyone shout!)

Now, just when you thought you could relax and chill out, you’ve got another challenge.  Our last value to focus on is RESPECT.  This can be respect for yourself, respect for others and / or respect for our environment.  Next week you have to start spelling out the word RESPECT by doing two different activities – your family can easily join in too.

R is for reading.  You have to show respect by reading a book to someone you love (that person could even be yourself).   Send the title of the book you choose to my email or to your teacher.  We’ll put all the book titles together onto a page for each class and make up our own ‘Books we read in Lockdown’ book.   I wonder if we can get a book title from everyone in our school?  Parents /carers / staff – you’re very welcome to join in too.

E is for exercise.   This is about showing respect for your body so you have to make sure you do daily exercise.  This one I’m going to trust you on and you don’t need to send anything in as proof.  We’ll know who’s been doing it when we get back to school and see how able you all are to actually run the Trinity Mile!

Activities for the next letters, S and P,  will be given out for the week beginning June 1st.

I really do miss you all but keep remembering our values, stay safe and I’ll see you soon.

Mrs Scott

No one act of kindness is ever wasted

You can’t use up creativity, the more you use, the more you have

No one succeeds without effort – those who succeed owe their success to perseverance