P3 Performance – Chocolate

Ideas for Aztec recipes

Chocolate (or xocoatl) played a large part in Aztec society: They believed that cacao seeds were the gift of Quetzacoatl – the god of wisdom. These cacao seeds had so much value that they were even used as currency! Chocolate was seen as a luxury and would often be drank by the upper classes.

Because of it’s importance in our topic, we thought it would be a great idea to make our P3 Musical Performance all around the tast treat by learning and performing Choco-lattay!

From next week, you can video yourself singing, dancing, and/or playing an instrument. We will upload a video tomorrow with the dance to learn, and you’ll find out more about the instrument part in M&T. Once we have all of your videos, we will put them together to make a P3 spectacular performance! As you can see, the song is split into parts by class. You can learn the whole song if you wish to but you only need to record yourself performing your class’ part.

For now, familiarise yourself with the song if you haven’t already done so and practise singing it.

Everybody say a choco-lattay!

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