P3 – Following a Recipe (Aztec Cooking!)


This week we will be recapping how to read and follow a recipe. We covered this earlier in the year during our Veganuary topic when we read/wrote smoothie recipes and followed recipes to prepare food for our cafe!

We have put together a few Aztec-inspired recipes for you to try out. These recipes use ingredients that were prominent with the Aztecs – namely chocolate, chilli and avocado.

Miss Marshall tried out the Xocolatl recipe. After much nervousness over the thought of chilli powder in hot chocolate it was actually quite good! I probably wouldn’t choose to make it again but I’m very glad I tried it.


If the combination of chocolate and chilli seems too daunting, you could also try a different recipe. We have given you 5 recipe: 2 that have been sent to us by P3 pupils, and 1 each from the 3 teachers. These recipes are fairly simple and don’t require cooking/baking.

You could also follow a recipe from a recipe book at home, or search the internet for a recipe you like. Share your photos of cooking/baking with your teacher, we’d love to see how you get on!!

If you have any recipes you want to share with your teacher then we would love to read them and maybe even try following a few! Who knows, maybe by the end of lockdown we’ll have a full P3 Cookbook!

When trying out these recipes, please make sure you have an adult with you to help, especially when dealing with baking / heating up.

Junior Ready Steady Cook | Burford School

Bonus question: Can you spot the imperative verbs in your recipe? (‘Bossy’ verbs)