P3 Maths

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We are going to be thinking about numbers up to the thousands this week.

Why not start by watching an episode of Numberjacks, ‘Hundreds and Thousands’.

We want you to become more confident with reading and saying bigger numbers. Watch this video to learn a game to help you with this. If you are not sure of your numbers up to 100, then use the cards to allow you to become more confident with numbers up to 100, If you are confident up to 100 but not yet sure of numbers up to 1000, please use the cards to become more confident with these numbers. If you are confident with numbers to 1000, please challenge yourself with bigger numbers!

Join Puggy Dog, Dino and Steggy to help you become more confident reading and saying numbers to 1000 and beyond

Your teachers will look forward to finding out what numbers you have learnt or are now more confident reading and saying.