There are only 2 weeks left of learning in Primary 3!

Miss Marshall, Mrs Johnstone & Miss Graham are very proud of all of you for continuing your learning at home. If we had been in school we would have been relaxing the learning a little bit and celebrating the end of year. We have uploaded a grid with lots of different activities on it, these should be spread out over the last 2 weeks of term. Please pick and choose when you would like to complete them. There are some website links underneath to help you. The lollies are available to be picked up from the playground from today.

We will also be uploading a few more daily activities and our usual Wednesday challenge. Keep going with the Children’s Health Challenge this week and next week. Look out for the P3 chocolate performance which will be uploaded later on this week.

Junk Obstacle Course

This is very long and uses a lot of equipment but you could take some inspiration from it and make a mini version.

Music Lab


Make a Sweet Treat