Trinity News : 15th June

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Dear Parents and Carers

I hope that you are all well and that you were able to enjoy the weekend despite the change in the weather!     I am aware that there is a real need for clarity regarding the model of attendance from August.   The decision to open schools on a 33% capacity model (one third only of the pupils in each day from Mon – Thurs) was made at council level and we are now carefully considering how we will operate this at Trinity.   There is so much to consider at the moment with regards to physical distancing, staffing, resources, safe practices etc and I am not yet in a position to share what day your child will attend, however siblings will attend on the same day.  Please do bear with us as we manage the ever changing guidance and expectations.

As you are aware our normal ‘Meet the Teacher’ afternoon was planned for Tuesday June 16th.  Whilst staff and children cannot meet in person, pupils will have the opportunity to ‘meet’ the team of adults who will be teaching and supporting at each stage, by watching the welcome videos on the website tomorrow afternoon.  At the current time we are taking a year group approach but please be assured that children will be allocated to a named teacher once we have made up the groups for attendance.  There are so many factors to consider.

The staff teams are :


Helen McLeister,    Tracey Sneddon,   Shireen Sherazee,   Pauline Lewis,  Amber Ashraf,

Patryk Lodykowski,  Ewa Bryla,  Caroline Kulcu,  Alice McKinstrie


Fiona Johnstone,    Penny Brown,   Emma Henderson,   Louise Notman,   Susan Grant,  Kathleen Murray


Hannah Watt,   Aisling Griffiths,    Shannon McCaughey,   Giselle Ettles,   Nicky Kane,   Jackie Simpson


Hazel McKinnon,    Karen Walsh,   Katie Lamb (Sharp),    Mags Doyle


Charlotte Marshall,   Vikki Kidd,    Claire Campbell,   Lindsey Espie


Seaneen Horan,   Cara Gordon,   Graeme Blaikie,   Anna Polson,    Lee Bathgate


Rebecca MacKenzie,   Chris English,   Aimi Armstrong,   Kelly Tawake

We are delighted to welcome Pauline Lewis, Shannon McCaughey and Anna Polson to the Trinity staff team.  We are however saying goodbye to Samantha Graham, Adele Redman and John McGowan.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their enthusiasm, dedication and hard work and to wish them all the very best in the future.  They will be greatly missed at Trinity.

Please take a minute to share the email below with some information for the most important people – our Trinity Learners.  I know that I speak for all the staff at Trinity, when I say we cannot wait to welcome them back to school.  That light at the end of the tunnel is really shining now!

Thank you for all that you have done, and continue to do, for your children.  The successes of the last few weeks have been testament to the strong partnership between school and families and I hope moving forward we can continue to build on that.  We truly have been, and are, in this together.

Keep safe and we will see you soon

Jacqueline Scott



Hello Trinity Learners

It’s the final two weeks of school before the summer and I am feeling so proud of what you have all achieved since we left our school on the 20th March.  I hope that you have started to work on the end of term activity grids and that you enjoy what has been organised for you.  This week we were meant to be going on our school picnic to the beach.  Whilst it’s not quite the same we have put some ice poles into a crate at the front door of the school.  Pop in, collect one, pop it into your freezer and then imagine you’re on the beach as you eat it!

Lots of the staff are now able to get into our school building and we’re busy preparing for coming back in August.  I’m sure you will already realise that school will have to be a bit different next year but our values will not change.  In fact more than ever we will need to be creative, to persevere, to be kind to each other and, very importantly, ensure that we are showing respect towards others.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) you will be able to meet the team of staff who will be working with you.  The welcome videos will go on the website in the afternoon.  Please take a moment to watch them and to listen to the messages.   We will be starting the school year with our usual MADD topic.  (Music, Art, Drama and Dance in case you’ve forgotten).  This year our theme will be HEROES!

House Captains :  a huge well done to the P6s who have written their speeches and put themselves forward for House Captain.  All the speeches can be seen on the school fence at the main school entrance so please have a look when you are out for a walk so you can decide who to vote for.   Voting is now live on the school website.   You have one vote only for your own house.  The last day to vote is by 5.00pm on Thursday June 18th so don’t delay!

Trinity’s Got Talent : we certainly do!  House captains are currently working their way through the auditions and will be selecting 10 acts to go through to the final.  Thank you so much to everyone who has taken part.  The final 10 will be made into an imovie and will be on the website.  Voting for your favourite act will start at the weekend.

House pennies :  the final day to earn house pennies will be Thursday June 18th.  Come on Royston (and Craighall, Melville and Argyll) but particularly Royston!!

I am so excited knowing that I will see you all again in August.   School will be a wee bit different but it will still be full of smiles and laughter.

See you soon

Mrs Scott