Daily Meditation

Repeat the word ‘trouble’ in your head over and over again for a minute. Notice what happens in your body.

Tune into what happens to your tummy, your heart, your breathing, your head, your shoulders and then other parts of your body. Sit with that feeling for a moment.

Now repeat the word ‘kindness’ in your head over and over for a minute.

Tune into your body. Do you notice any changes in your tummy? How about in your breathing? Do you feel your shoulders dropping and your body softening?

We all have a part of us that likes to keep us safe by pointing out trouble so we can protect ourselves, but sometimes that part of us looks too carefully for trouble and danger and needs to be gently encouraged to stand down. By repeating the word ‘kindness’ we can soothe that part and act from a place of love and openness instead of fear. Try it and feel yourself relax. It might take a lot of practice – that troubleshooting part of you likes to be the boss!