Trinity News : 17th June

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Dear Parents and Carers

I hope that you are all well.  As I write this the sun is shining and I am so aware that today should have been our school picnic to Aberdour.  What I would do for a day on the beach with 500 children, staff, parents and carers!  I would even welcome having to sort all the lost property items.  Next June cannot come quickly enough.

I am very aware that there is significant media interest in the model of attendance for Edinburgh schools when they return in August.  At the moment we are planning for a 33% capacity, in line with City of Edinburgh guidance.   This will see groups of children in school one set day each week (Tues, Wed or Thurs)  with groups rotating on a three week basis (Monday).  The model for 50% capacity will see groups of children in school for two set days each week (Mon and Tues or Wed and Thurs).    The main criteria for the forming of the groups will be to ensure that siblings attend on the same day.  This may mean that we are unable to consider other factors eg friendships.

As I am sure you will appreciate a huge amount of work is going on to make sure the return to school in August goes well for everyone.  Unfortunately at times, as we manage the ever changing situation, it does feel a little bit like two steps forward and three back.   Key for us is the health and wellbeing of us all; children, staff, parents and carers but particularly the children.   I hope that they enjoyed watching their Meet the Team videos on the school website.  Everyone is looking forward to having our school back in action!  Our school year will start with our theme MADD (music, art, drama and dance) about Heroes and staff are already planning fun and engaging learning.  We will be taking time during the INSET days to discuss and reflect on the impact that lockdown may have had on our children – both positively and unfortunately adversely.

Learning spaces are in the process of being set up.  Please note that the space your child will be learning in may change across the school year in line with circumstances.   For August the spaces are as follows :

P1 – early years corridor

P2 – the chalet (blue building in the front playground)

P3 –  the penthouse! (top floor of the main building)

P4 – main hall (we have converted the hall into a learning space to increase our capacity) + one room on 1st floor of main building

P5 – 1st floor of main building

P6 –  classroom in the early years corridor and the wing

P7 – the pavilion (building in back playground) + the ‘purple’ room

The spaces will all be organised in such a way as to reduce interaction and allow for 2m physical distancing whilst also being a place to learn and have fun.   Quite a challenge but in true Trinity fashion we are being creative and persevering!

 I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the many messages of support and positive comments.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any concerns or questions.  Unfortunately, at the moment, I often do not have the answers other than to say we are working hard to get this right for us all.   I think everyone is beginning to get a bit tired so please be kind to yourselves, to your family and to us!   We’re in it together.

See you soon

Jacqueline Scott