P1 – Learning from Home Week 12 (22nd – 26th June 2020)

Hello P1! We are now into our final week of Learning from Home for P1. We have been so impressed by the hard work, motivation and high quality learning we have been sent so far by our learners. We are very grateful for the effort and support given to the pupils from parents and carers. Thank you!

We hope that you enjoyed taking part in some of the more end of term type activities last week that, had we been in school, we would have done together. We encourage you to do some more of the activities from the End of Term – Activity Grid in your final week of P1!

End of Term - Activity Grid

Please find below all the details you will need for learning from home this week. Please note that school ‘closes’ at 12:25pm on Friday 26th June for the summer holidays. Remember to get in touch with your child’s teacher before then in order to allow sufficient time for the class teacher to respond to you.

Please find the week 12 Learning from Home grid attached. As always, red boxes link to an attachment which can be found below. You will find that the Learning from Home grid is lighter on the more formal learning tasks than usual and includes some more reflective, challenge and creative activities.

Week 12 Learning from Home grid

Woodland Trust Nature Detectives – woodland wonders

Woodland Trust Nature Detectives – twig hunt

Sun Safety – pack your bag

Outdoor Activity Cards

End of the year writing activity

Build a Boat Outdoor Activity Sheet

PE Learning from Home Week 12

THANK YOU so much to everyone who has continued to share weekly work with us. We wish we could be doing these fun activities with you all in person but we hope that you enjoy your final week of P1 regardless. We will be visiting the chalet to say ‘hello!’ when we return in August as we are all missing you lots. (And we are a bit envious of Miss Brown who gets to continue working with you in P2!) We wish you all the best for P2.

Miss Sherazee, Mr Blaikie, Mrs Pattinson and Miss Brown.