Blended Learning & Teams


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Dear Parents and Carers

As you will be aware, when the children return to school in August, we will be using a blended learning model; a mixture of in-school and home learning. We will be making use of Office365 and Teams as a platform to support this blended learning model. It would be really helpful if everyone can try and log into Teams before the summer holidays, so that we can try to iron out any problems, making us ready to hit the ground running in August.


You will shortly receive an email containing login details for your child. These will include a user ID in the form of a 7-digit number, a password and an email address.


Please look out for this email, and have a go at logging in – I attach instructions for downloading the Teams App and for logging in the first time (Office 365 How to Log In).


Please don’t worry if it all looks a bit complicated, we don’t expect you to work out how to use it without guidance. We will issue guidance on a need-to-know basis to keep things as simple as possible.


Good luck!


Felicity Martin

Depute Head Teacher (Interim)