Trinity News : 26th June


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Dear Parents and Carers

Friday June 26th and it’s the final day of the school year.  What a year it’s been!  When I look back at the photos of MADD about Musicals from September little did I know that our school would close on the 20th March and not yet have reopened for our learners.  Whilst we have so missed them all I continue to be so proud of what they achieve.  School may have closed but learning certainly hasn’t stopped.  In fact in many ways the last few months have opened up learning even more and we have not only stayed true to our school values but have also realised our aim of Going Above and Beyond!   We have much to learn from the last weeks and when we return in August we look forward to our learners sharing  with us their new skills.   Whilst I am very aware that we will all need a wee bit of time to readjust to school please do not worry over the summer if your child appears anxious about coming back or, indeed if you are anxious about them coming back.   Our focus from August will most definitely be on the Health and Wellbeing of us all and we will build on the positives.  None of us could have got through all of this without the kindness, encouragement and care we have shown each other.  We’ve been in this together and we’ll continue to be in it together!

I do not doubt that the next few weeks will bring even more changes and so I will keep in touch over the holiday period with information about specific staff, first day arrangements, lunches, classroom spaces etc etc.  In the meantime I really do hope that you are able to enjoy the summer break.  Thank you once again for all your support, for the cards, flowers and gifts – they are all so appreciated.

See you soon

Jacqueline Scott


***Please can you share the following with your children***

Dear Trinity Learners

It’s certainly been a bit of a strange end to our school year.  I’m writing this at my desk on the last day of school and it is SO quiet.  Normally our school would be buzzing with excitement and we would be getting ready to clap out our P7s.  However even though we couldn’t all be together  I so enjoyed watching our end of term celebration with our sports awards,  friendship award, artist of the year, community spirit, our new House Captains and our winning house!  Thank you so much to all of you who managed to take part in our final song.  I absolutely loved it and the words completely sum up what myself and everyone at Trinity, are very excited about :   ‘We’ll be together again’.

I was also so excited to see lots of our P7s when they came to the collect their yearbooks on Tuesday.  They have all been fabulous Trinity Learners and are now so ready to move on to secondary school.  Even though they can’t hear it I know we are giving them an enormous clap!   If you are listening to music over the holidays have a listen to a song by Jason Mraz called ‘Have It All’.   The words from the song are what we wish everyone in P7.

Keep sticking with our values and have a go at spelling out your version of RESPECT.  I’m going for

R – Reading (keep your book titles coming in)

E – Exercise (will I be able to run the Trinity mile when we come back?)

S – Smiling (it doesn’t cost anything and it cheers people up)

P – Promise (make sure I keep to any I make)

E – Environment (clear out school plant pots!)

C – Care (maybe this should have been clean and I would finally clean my windows!)

T – Together (time with my family and friends)

Have a great holiday everyone.  Remember to put on sun cream if it’s hot and a jumper if it’s not and I will see you soon ready to be MADD about Heroes!

Mrs Scott