Welcome : August 12th


Dear Parents and Carers

I am sitting at my desk, the sun is shining and all is calm!    Given the weather last night definitely a case of the storm before the calm.

It has been fabulous today to welcome some of our new P1s to our school and to welcome back some of our P2s – P7s.  We are so looking forward to seeing everyone else tomorrow and to having our whole school back together again from Friday.   Our children continue to be a real credit to us all – not a tear from our new P1s and smiles and laughter from the others.  Their resilience and positivity are a testament to how well you have supported them.  In true child fashion the storm last night was what a lot wanted to chat about : weeks of lockdown, for many, already a thing of the past.

Thank you so much to parents and carers today who have played their part in ensuring that we keep to our new procedures.  Children were on time, at the correct gate, had their snack and packed lunch and were collected correctly at the end of the day  All of this is much appreciated by us all.  Our staggered break and lunchtime still allowed children the freedom to play in the playground and we have already made excellent use of our outdoor space.  Children will be outdoors often as is suggested in the guidance from City of Edinburgh Council. 

For parents and carers with children in P2 we have revised our arrangements for the end of the day as it quickly became evident that not allowing parents and carers to enter the playground could make it difficult to ensure that every child was met safely.  P2 parents are able to access the front playground from 2.45pm and wait in the designated area for their child’s class (remembering the 2m distance rule.)   The children will be dismissed at 2.55pm by their class teachers from the shelter area.  We ask that once you have collected your child you exit the playground immediately.

Staffing update :

Many of you will be aware that Ms Pattinson will be going on maternity leave at the end of August.   It is great to have her back in school for a couple of weeks providing some additional support to pupils and staff.

We also have two other members of staff who will be going on maternity leave before Christmas : Ms Berthinussen, Depute HeadTeacher, who is expecting a sibling for Archie and Ms Campbell who is expecting her first baby.  Obviously we are absolutely delighted for them but they will all be a great miss to the Trinity team – my suggestion of a couple of months only for maternity leave does not seem to have been taken up! 

To allow continuity for P5C we are pleased to welcome Mr Connor McKay who will take on the teaching of P5C immediately.  Ms Campbell will provide additional support for pupils and staff.

It is great to welcome back Ms Gordon who has returned from maternity leave and who will be teaching P6G/H along with Ms Horan.

Ms Shannon McCaughey, Ms Pauline Lewis and Ms Anna Polson have all now joined the Trinity team and will be teaching P3, P1 and P6 respectively.  Ms Felicity Martin who joined the senior leadership team as an additional depute headteacher just before school closed in March, will be remaining with us for the time being.  It is a real asset having an extra member of the leadership team and I am sure she will enjoy getting to know our great school community and being a part of it.   A very warm welcome to them all.

I have come to the conclusion that there is no normal in life so rather than this period being the ‘new’ normal it is simply life at the moment and we will take each day as it comes.   Today was a great day and hopefully tomorrow will be the same as we welcome back our M – Z group. 

Please do get in touch if you have any concerns or simply have a question. 

Here’s to a very happy and healthy 20/21 school year.

Jacqueline Scott


Please can you share the following with your children

Dear Trinity Learners

I have had such a great day today seeing lots of you again and am so looking forward to seeing everyone else tomorrow.  I really hope that those of you who were in school today saw that it really wasn’t very different.  The biggest difference is to make sure you use the correct gate, to go straight to class and to remember that there aren’t any school bells – actually think I’m going to like that.  

The other important things are exactly the same as always :

Our values – creativity, perseverance, respect and kindness

Our aim – Go Above and Beyond in all that you do

Stick to those and you will definitely be a Trinity Superstar.

Mrs Scott