Trinity News : Sept 17th 2020

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Dear Parents and Carers

I hope that you and your families are well.   In normal circumstances we would have been welcoming parents, carers and pupils to our Meet the Teacher evening and sharing with you dates for parents’ evenings.    Current restrictions mean we are unable to have such events happen so we have had to rethink how best we communicate what and how our children are learning,  as well as the progress they are making.  We are ever hopeful that 2021 will allow us to ‘open’ our doors again to parents and carers.  In the meantime please see  below for information regarding communication:

Will there be a chance to Meet the Teacher?

Yes but remotely. 

  • Narrated powerpoint from each year group
  • Link to the powerpoint will be available on the school website from Friday September 18th
  • Please do make the time to have a look

What about parents/carers’ evenings?

In line with City of Edinburgh guidance we are unable to hold in school parents/carers’ evenings until January 2021 at the earliest.  We do however value being able to speak with parents and carers so the opportunity will be given for a 5 minute phone call from a member of school staff between September and December.   Please watch out for information giving available times.  As you will appreciate ensuring nearly 600 phone calls is quite an undertaking and we ask for your support and understanding with this.  Please be assured that if there are any specific issues a member of school staff will be in touch immediately.   In general terms ‘no news is good news’.

Will there be a weekly bulletin?

Whilst I do appreciate that some parents and carers found the bulletin helpful, the trialling of Twitter last session proved more popular as a means of communicating what the children are learning and how.     This session we are moving to all classes having a Twitter account.  This is intended to simply be used as the platform for adult to adult communication.  Children are neither expected nor encouraged to be using Twitter.  If you wish to follow your child’s class please return the permission slip to your child’s class teacher.  We will review its use at the end of the school session.    

What about written profiles?

As with previous years each child will receive a written profile before Christmas and again before June.  These profiles are based on a conversation with each child and provide an insight into the progress they are making.  This year we are trialling different approaches across different stages.  Please look out for specific information from your child’s class teacher.

If a class has to isolate will there be learning provided?

Our blended learning strategy involves two approaches dependant on circumstances. 

Class and teacher isolating – learning will be provided through Teams.  For pupils in P1 – P4 this will require parents and carers to check what learning has been set with the expectation that children complete the work in their learning from home jotter.  Pupils in P5 – P7 will, we hope, manage teams independently and submit learning online.    

Individual child isolating – our website tab ‘ stuck at home’ contains a range of learning activities for pupils at early (P1),  first(P2 – P4) and second level (P5 – P7). 

We ask that all families check they are able to access teams.  Individual logins have been emailed out and have been stuck into learning from home jotters.  Further information regarding accessing TEAMS will be issued separately.  Please contact school if you need any assistance with this.

What about ‘normal’ homelearning?

Our homelearning will focus on literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing.  To help with infection control homelearning jotters should be kept at home.  Each stage will communicate how to share homelearning with class teachers.  We are very aware that different families have different circumstances and may not be able to support with homelearning.   Please do what you can.  Five or ten minutes a day can make all the difference. 

I hope that you find the above summary helpful and that, whilst we are unable to meet face to face, you still feel very much a part of your child’s school community. 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch

Jacqueline Scott