Trinity News : 2nd November 2020

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Dear Parents and Carers

Wow, November already!   Whilst these last months have not been without their challenges time does seem to be flying by.  It was great to see everyone back in school last week and to end the week with a fun Halloween morning.  The creativity from the children and the staff in producing such fabulous costumes is testament to one of our values.

Christmas Card – thank you so much to those of you who have returned Christmas card order forms.  This will be our main fundraising event this term so all orders are much appreciated.  The final date for orders is Thursday Nov 5th.   The company have assured us that all orders (cards, mugs, bags, tea towels) will be dispatched by the end of November.

Dress for the weather – please make sure your child is dressed to be outdoors at times.  Part of our risk assessment in keeping school safe is to have children outdoors for learning  and to keep the building ventilated.  This will mean that, as we see a drop in temperature,  we will all need to be dressed warmly, both for indoors and out.  Whilst school uniform is still very much a part of our school ethos, in the current times, children are able to wear what is most appropriate for the weather.

Starting school : August 2021 –  This year all enrolment is to be carried out online.   Unfortunately we will be unable to offer an Open Day at the current time but our prospective children will be able to watch a virtual tour of our school.  If your child is due to start school next year, or you have neighbours who are, please do direct them to the school website and the Starting School Aug 2021 tab which will be available from next week.   If there are any problems please contact school on

Poppy Day – Unfortunately our usual practice of children taking responsibility for the collecting of donations and giving out of poppies will not be possible.  However children are still able to support this charity, if you wish.  Any donations should be brought into school this week and given to the class teacher.   Poppies will then be given back out to those who have donated. 

Book Amnesty / Clearing out – if you are having a clear out before Christmas and find any Trinity books please do send them back into school.  We are also always delighted to receive donations of any good condition novels that children have read and no longer wish to keep.   Please be assured that any books received into school will be set aside for a period of ‘quarantining’ before they are used by children in school.

Safety of everyone – I know that all staff at Trinity have really welcomed schools being open since August and are working hard to be able to provide motivating and enjoyable learning experiences for our children.  As I write this I can hear one of our P3 classes outside my window searching for examples of right angles with their learning partners.  Our learners do not seem anxious or worried and are enjoying being with their friends, learning and having fun.   Their resilience is fabulous to see as they accept and understand that whilst things are not as we would like, we are getting through this and, most importantly, we can still have fun.   To this end please look out for information about Christmas@Trinity later in the week.

Keeping our school open, and as free from COVID as possible, is our main aim.  Positive cases will have a significant impact on a class, year group or beyond.  We need everyone to play their part in keeping us all safe and cannot afford to become complacent in any way.   Please note the following to help us :

  • If entering the playground to collect a P1 or P2 child, only one adult is allowed.  Face coverings must be worn, if able to do so.   Please stand 2m apart.
  • Remember 2m distancing when waiting outside school, either in the park or on Newhaven Road
  • Do not park, even for a short time, on the zig zag or yellow lines outside school
  • Ensure your child arrives at school at the correct time and is picked up at the correct time.  Being late on either occasion has an impact on staff and the children

This week will see the children taking part in another Building Resilience assembly.  The theme for this term is ‘Be Kind to Others’ – hopefully not too difficult, no cost involved and definitely hugely beneficial to us all!  Please take a moment to talk to your children about it.

I wish everyone at Trinity a really successful and happy second term.

Best wishes

Jacqueline Scott