Using Assignments on Teams


Your child’s assignments will stay in their ‘to do’ list until they have clicked ‘Hand In.’ When your child has completed the assignment, they need to click ‘add work’ to show the teacher what they have done and then click ‘Hand In’ so the teacher knows they have completed the task. Adding work could simply be a picture of your child doing something at home or a picture of the completed task in their jotter. If your child is not going to complete an assignment, which is absolutely fine if they don’t do everything every week, you can click ‘Hand In’ without adding any work and this will get the assignment out of the ‘to do’ list and reduce any stress if your child sees it sitting in red saying ‘overdue.’ Also, if you click ‘Hand In’ by mistake before adding any work, you can click ‘Undo Hand In’ and you’ll have the ‘add work’ option again.

Returned Assignments 

When your child gets a notification to say an assignment has been ‘returned,’ this does not mean they have done anything wrong. This just means the teacher has seen it and is removing it from their ‘to mark’ list. The assignment may also have been returned with some feedback from the teacher on it. Here is a link to a video that shows you how to use the assignments function on Teams.