Trinity News : 2nd Feb 2021

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Dear Parents and Carers

Many thanks to everyone who took the time to complete the survey about learning from home.  We received 130 responses.  Please see below for an overview of the main questions :  

  1. Overall, are you satisfied with the learning from home being provided?  98% replied yes
  2. The amount of learning from home for my child is …….  82% replied about right (majority of others said too much)
  3. The level of learning from home for my child is …………  91% replied about right
  4. The feedback from teachers to my child is ………..  81% replied about right (remaining 19% said too little)

We are obviously delighted with a satisfaction rate of 98%.  This is testament to the huge amount of hard work, commitment and effort put in by everyone in the Trinity team.  There were many very positive comments, acknowledgment made of how challenging it must be to provide learning and feedback for a class of 30 individual pupils and many words of thanks.  We would also like to thank parents and carers for working in partnership with us and for doing an amazing job supporting and caring for all our Trinity learners.   Our message continues to be do what you can, be kind to yourself and remember we’re here to help.  

We also want to consider the comments made with regards to what is working well and how we can improve.   Having read the results there are a few themes common to many parents and carers.   These are :

  • Feedback – how best to ensure the children know how well they are doing and how they can improve
  • Increased interaction with teacher / groups
  • Providing learning ahead of time
  • Screen free time

We will be discussing these issues as a staff and adapting our practice if possible.     

We also received a very small number of comments that were very specific to one parent / carer.  Unfortunately if no name was provided we are unable to action these as we do not know who to contact.  Please email  or call us on 0131 554 2062 if you have a specific concern / question.  Telephone support for accessing TEAMS is a regular feature of each school day!

Many of you will now have heard the news that school is likely to return for pupils in P1 – P3 on Monday February 22nd although this has still to be confirmed.  We are awaiting guidance from the City of Edinburgh council as to how this has to be managed and further details will follow.    Pupils in P4 – P7 will continue with learning from home beyond 22nd Feb.

I’m sure you share with staff our wish for all our children to be back in school as soon as is possible.   Hopefully this is a step in the right direction; with perseverance and kindness we’ll get there!

Please keep in touch

Best wishes

Jacqueline Scott