Trinity News : 12th March 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

I hope that the final week of learning from home has gone well for P4 – P7 and that you are looking forward to everyone returning to school on Monday as much as we are.     Whilst a few children may be feeling a bit anxious please do not worry.  Our focus for the next three weeks will be on health and wellbeing, along with literacy and numeracy, and we are confident that, working together,  all our learners will quickly settle and enjoy being back with friends and able to share what they are learning.    The school has certainly been quieter without P4 – P7!   Please remember to return any school ipads and reading books.

Our first fun activity for Trinity Together will be Red Nose Day on Friday 19th March.  Whilst we will miss the usual whole school buzz of Red Nose Day we would still like to support this charity.  Our theme is  ‘Dress Daft, Dress Down or Dress Dressy!’    To limit cash coming into schools any donations can be made through parentpay (from the end of next week).   Thank you in advance.

Enjoy the weekend everyone and we’ll see you on Monday.

Best wishes  

Jacqueline Scott

P.S. Please can you pass the following message on:

Dear P4 – P7 Trinity Learners

I am so excited that you will all be back in our school on Monday.  It has certainly been a lot quieter without all of you!   Please make sure you have a good sleep on Sunday and are up and ready for school in the morning.   If you borrowed a school ipad or have any school reading books at home make sure you bring them with you.   I’m sure you will all have remembered the gate you come in and the time that school starts but don’t worry if you’ve forgotten.  We’ll all be around to help.

Next Friday we’ll be supporting Red Nose Day so start thinking about what you’re going to wear.  Our theme is ‘Dress Daft, Dress Down or Dress Dressy!’  Big choice!

Three sleeps and we’ll all see each other.

Best wishes

Mrs Scott