Trinity News : 22nd March 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

I hope that you are all well and were able to enjoy the sunshine at the weekend.  This week sees week two of Trinity being Together again and learning from home already seems, in some ways, a distant memory (possibly not for yourselves!).   Watching how settled everyone seems to be shows how resilient and adaptable our children are.  A huge thank you for all the support and encouragement you have provided.  I do wonder if, given the past year,  any of our parents and carers are now interested in a career in teaching??   A mixed response I would imagine.     

Please read on for some Trinity news:

Easter eggs for sale : a group of pupils from P4W have taken on the selling of Rainforest Alliance Easter eggs.  Any profits will go towards supporting our Fairtrade learning.  Please use the link below to place your orders by Friday March 26th.

Red Nose Day : Dress Daft, Dress Down and Dress Dressy was a great success and we raised a fabulous £432.50 through donations. Thank you

Water bottles : pupils must bring in their own water bottles as we are unable to provide cups or water cartons.

Trinity babies : I am delighted to let you know that Katie Lamb had twin girls two weeks ago.  Both Bella and Imogen are doing well and Mrs Lamb is enjoying ‘double the fun’.  We are so looking forward to eventually getting to meet Baby Pattinson, Baby Berthinussen, Baby Campbell, Baby Bryla and Babies Lamb at some point.  Ms Graham who taught at Trinity last year has also just had a baby boy.  It really has been a case of our staff making sure schools are kept busy in the future!   

Election day : SCOTTISH PARLIAMENT ELECTION: 6 MAY 2021 CLOSURE OF SCHOOLS (please see info from City of Edinburgh Council)

As in previous years Trinity will be closed to pupils on 6 May 2021 to allow its use as a Polling Place for the Scottish Parliament Election.  The Council has a statutory duty to identify polling places for voters that are accessible, well located and of sufficient capacity to handle the numbers of voters attending.   In many cases schools have been selected as polling places as they often offer an ideal location, good facilities and easy access.   Where schools are used in order to maintain pupil safety it is necessary to close them to pupils during the hours of poll.  This necessarily disrupts education and places a burden on parents and carers.  It is never a step that the Council takes lightly nor without appreciating these consequences.  For some elections it has been possible to arrange an in-service training day to coincide with polling day, but this has not always been the case.

The Council faces a tension between the duty to provide appropriate polling facilities to support turnout in democratic elections and a duty to provide a continuity of education to students in school.  Over recent years, with reviews of polling arrangements in the City,  increasing efforts have gone into identifying alternative venues to minimise the use of schools, with Council passing motions to ensure that this was done.   From over 40 schools and nurseries being used just a few years ago, now only 18 will be used on 6 May and additional work is continuing to eliminate wherever possible the use of schools on future polling days.

It is appreciated that after the disruptions of the past year a further day of closure will not be welcome.  However, this is only being done given the statutory duty to allow voters to participate in the election of the Scottish Parliament and we have a commitment that future use of schools will be ceased wherever alternatives exist.  Proposals for alternative polling places can always be made to

Remote learning options will be available on 6 May.  Further information regarding this will be provide by school nearer the time.

Former pupil  :  it is always great to hear what former pupils are achieving.  Ben Liddall, who attends Trinity Academy, has set himself the challenge to run over 1000 miles in 100 days for the My Names Doddie Foundation and MND Scotland.  He often runs around the local area and has raised £5000 so far – an amazing achievement.  Anyone interested in supporting Ben can use the link below

I hope that the last few days of term go well for everyone.  School closesfor the Easter holidays at the usual times on Thurs April 1st and reopens on Tues 20th April.   Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the summer term will see us all staying negative as we all keep positive!

Best wishes

Jacqueline Scott

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