Trinity News : 30th March 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

As we head towards the Easter holidays I hope that you are all well and optimistic as we move slowly out  of lockdown.   Being able to meet up with friends and family outside will be such a bonus.

This week in school sees our learners enjoying some Easter fun.  We have house penny hunting, wreath making, body percussion Easter songs, how to draw a sheep or a rabbit art and each class sending an Easter message to another class in whatever format they choose.

Please find attached a copy of an Easter programme for over the holidays provided by CEC.

School closes on Thursday 1st April at the usual times.  Everyone is encouraged to put aside their school clothes and wear bright colours to share some Spring joy!

Many thanks to those of you who have supported our P4W Easter egg group.  They have sold over 140 bags with profits going towards supporting our Fairtrade work.  Well done P4W.

Many thanks also to the TPSA who organised various virtual fundraising events.

Internet safety

Unfortunately over the past few weeks we have been made increasingly aware of the number of our learners who, outwith school,  are accessing inappropriate websites, apps and games.  Titles such as Sniper 3D and Discord along with adult youtube and Tic Toc are being used regularly despite suggested age limits.   In school we do teach internet safety but we are limited in what we can achieve.  Whilst we do appreciate that phones, tablets etc are very much part of life,  ensuring children are safe when using them needs parents and carers to be very aware of what is being said, watched, played. 

Please :

Be super strict, set boundaries and stick with them. 

Set aside ten minutes everyday to sit with your child and go through their phone with them.  The more regularly you do this the safer your child will be.

Beware of TikTok (if you set up your own account you can monitor your child’s activity)

Remove screens in bedrooms – no tablets, phones.  This is also very beneficial for sleep.

Remember :

  • you wouldn’t let a stranger into your child’s real life, please don’t allow it in their virtual life.
  • you wouldn’t allow your child to use foul language in the street, please don’t allow it over social media
  • you wouldn’t want your child playing violent games in the playground, please stop them playing online

Unfortunately schools are still seeing positive COVID cases being reported.  Please help us prevent cases in Trinity by keeping your child at home if they are symptomatic or someone in the household is awaiting test results, keep wearing face coverings at the gates and remember adults need to keep a 2m distance from each other.  If you or a family member test positive during the holidays please report to the contact centre on 0131 200 2000 – thank you.   

I hope that you are able to enjoy a break over the Easter period and look forward to seeing everyone back in school on Tuesday April 20th.   

Best wishes

Jacqueline Scott